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Popcorn ceiling removal Ottawa, Toronto and Greater Vancouver

Popcorn ceiling removal is becoming increasingly popular around the world, and Ottawa, Toronto and Greater Vancouver are no exception.
In Ontario, one of the places that has been in the forefront of the demand for popcorn removal services is the Ottawa, Toronto and Greater Vancouver area. People in the city are increasingly appreciating new methods of doing things.

As a result of the increased demand, we decided to start offering popcorn ceiling removal in Ottawa, Toronto and Greater Vancouver to provide these services to the ever-growing market.
We provide the greatest Ottawa, Toronto and Greater Vancouver stipple removal services, and no other firm compares to us.

In Ottawa, Toronto and Greater Vancouver, I've met a few folks who enjoy removing popcorn ceilings on their own.
However, this is not always the best strategy, especially if you lack the necessary experience.
Allowing specialists to remove and refinish your ceiling adds a great deal of value.
It is preferable to delegate this job to our experts.
Here are a few of the reasons why you should delegate this task to us.

Ceilings with Asbestos

One of the most important reasons why you should never attempt to remove popcorn on your own is the risk of exposure to asbestos.
If your home was built before 1978, there's a good chance your ceiling contains asbestos, which is a proven carcinogen.
Breathing asbestos fibres is extremely harmful.

In fact, almost all states make it unlawful to breathe asbestos fibres unless you have the proper certification and equipment.

We will take a small sample of your ceiling and analyse it for asbestos as a professional popcorn ceiling removal business.
These tests are usually performed during the quote preparation stage.
The average cost of asbestos testing varies from site to site, but it is not prohibitively expensive.

Ceilings refinishing

Another reason to contact Gygis Alba Painting is the benefits you will receive as a result of doing so.

You may rest assured that your ceiling will be refinished to perfection. Don't be fooled into thinking that once you've removed the popcorn ceiling, you'll be left with a beautiful ceiling underneath. If you believe this, you will be astounded by what you will see following the removal. The fantastic thing about working with our expertise is that we can conceal any flaws in your structure. Before we can spray the material, we'll complete all of the necessary ceiling preparations.


Our experts will texture, restore, and paint the ceiling after removing the popcorn ceiling. When you opt to handle the project alone, you won't be able to attain such outstanding results.

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