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Drywall Repair & Installation

Drywall is one of those things in a house that you don't notice unless it's done incorrectly! That's why, for all of your drywall repair and installation needs, you should contact an expert you can trust.


Gygis Alba Painting Ottawa, Toronto and Greater Vancouver is your source for dependable drywall installation, patching, and repair, whether you want to fix a damaged area with matching texture or start from scratch. Our work is completed by a skilled drywall handyman who will guide you through each stage of the process to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience. Our goal is for you to be completely satisfied.

Where is Drywall needed?

Consider the following if you're unsure whether you require drywall services in Ottawa, Toronto and Greater Vancouver:

Is there any damage to the interior of your home, such as holes in the walls?
Have you ever seen a small crack in a wall?

A homeowner may hire a handyman to repair or replace an entire section of drywall for a variety of reasons.
Most of these scenarios are likely to have been encountered by our drywall contractors during their careers.

While drywall may appear to be basic, unpainted pieces of your walls, these big sheets of material are critical components of your home's construction.If there is visible damage to the drywall, it is critical to get it fixed or replaced.If you don't fix it right away, the wear and tear will cause greater harm to the structure of your home in the future.Holes in drywall allow heat and cold air to flow, making your home less stable and providing an entry point for pests and undesirable "guests" such as mice, rats, and insects.Water-damaged drywall can cause a slew of mold and mildew issues, which can quickly spread throughout your home.Fortunately, drywall can be fixed quickly and inexpensively at a low cost to the homeowner before the situation worsens.

Image by Aleksei / Алексей Simonenko / Симоненко

Our Drywall services in Ottawa, Toronto and Greater Vancouver

Gygis Alba Painting Ottawa, Toronto and Greater Vancouver offers the following drywall services:

  • Drywall restoration and home repairs

  • Framing services to install a patch or replacement

  • Removing drywall and wallpaper

  • Creating texture on the new drywall to match your existing drywall

  • Priming drywall for paint, wallpaper, or texturing to hide visible seams

  • Drywall painting

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