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Exterior caulking contractor Ottawa, Toronto and Greater Vancouver

Your building's outer "envelope" relies on caulking or sealants to cover gaps and cracks and protect the facade from water and air intrusion. While sealants are a minor aspect of your building's exterior, their degradation and failure can cause major issues, such as water infiltration and structural damage.


Gygis Alba Painting can assist you with securing your structure in Ottawa, Toronto and Greater Vancouver.


Removal and replacement of sealants on metal, concrete, and wood building components in strata apartments, townhomes, and high-rises are among our sealant renewal projects.
Sealant is frequently replaced in conjunction with other building work such as concrete restoration, painting, waterproofing, or balcony membrane replacement.

The gaps around windows and other spots that appear during construction or repair are horrible.
Caulking seals gaps or breaches in the siding around windows, doors, pipes, plumbing, and other openings, keeping air, water, and pests out.
This can help you save money on heating and cooling.
This, simply said, saves energy.

Caulking is most typically used to finish and seal windows and doors, but it may also be used to finish and seal other sections of your home's exterior, such as concrete slabs, roof flashing, aluminium siding and trim, vinyl siding and trim, and anywhere else where the weather is a concern.

There are various varieties of external caulking on the market, and only the best should be used.
Mono, Dymeric, Dap, and Dow Corning, for example, are all high-quality caulking brands that we use; nevertheless, your choice will be determined by the circumstances and budget.
Caulking is divided into various layers.
What is recommended, however, will always be determined by your needs and money.
Above all, we want our consumers to receive the best advise possible.

Want to know the cost to caulk your exterior house in Ottawa, Toronto or Greater Vancouver?

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