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Are you looking for brick house painters in Ottawa, Toronto or Greater Vancouver?

For hundreds of years, brick residences have been a defining characteristic of Ottawa, Toronto and Greater Vancouver.
In the Ottawa, Toronto and Greater Vancouver area, brick is one of the most preferred building materials.
However, when there is damage, weathering, or you wish to change the color, the expense of replacing or repairing brick can be substantial.
This is why you should consider staining. instead.

There are various reasons to give your bricks a fresh coat of stain!

Brick staining is beneficial to the bricks since it allows them to breathe.
Brick stain don't fade over time, the stain effectively becomes a part of the brick.
Masonry stain doesn't only cover the brick like paint does, it adheres to it completely and becomes a permanent feature.


Gygis Alba Painting has your back for all your brick staining needs in Ottawa, Toronto and Greater Vancouver!

How long does brick stain last?

Brick stain has an average duration of 20  years or more.
It may last much longer, closer to 30 years, depending on your climate and the type of brick dyed.
It may simply fade away as it ages and approaches the conclusion of its life.

Paint, on the other hand, has a 7- to 10 -year lifespan before it begins to chip and break.
It's far more noticeable than stain when it starts to degrade.
You'll have to do more frequent maintenance on the paint.

Keep the brick's personality.

Brick has a distinct and natural appearance, wouldn't it be nice to improve its distinct appearance?

You can accomplish just that with brick stain. Stain will work the stain into the brick rather than covering it with a heavy coat of paint when staining outdoor brick surfaces. Because stain is usually considerably thinner than paint, it can permeate the brick rather than just sit on top of it.

How much does it cost to stain bricks in Ottawa, Toronto or Greater Vancouver?

The cost of staining your bricks in Ottawa, Toronto or Greater Vancouver varies, but it normally ranges from $3.00 to $5.00 CAD + HST per square foot.

One of the key aspects that influences exterior brick staining cost is the size of your project.
For this process, we've produced three cost estimates based on three major-sized homes in Ottawa.

Bungalows 800-1200 Sq. Ft:$2400 to $6,000 +hst
Home 1,300-2,500 Sq. Ft: $3900 to $12,500 +hst

Home 2,500-3,500 Sq. Ft: $9,000 to $16,500 +hst

Want to know the exact cost of painting the exterior of your house in Ottawa, Toronto or Greater Vancouver? Contact us now!

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