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Gygis Alba Painting is your "one-stop shop" for industrial painting services in Ottawa, Toronto and Greater Vancouver.

Our painting experts have years of experience in addressing these issues and offering multiple options to fix the problems.

We also can keep your facility clean and safe with our maintenance programs for ceilings, walls, and floors. We use specialty coatings designed for hospitals, food manufacturers, and many other industries.

Keep your place looking new by utilizing our electrostatic painting services on your machinery, conveyors, and lockers. Prolong the life of your storage bins and tanks with our exclusive more than 10-year warranty against coating failure.

We offer evening and weekend work at an affordable cost to you so as not to disturb your normal production schedule. Our super fast and quality service enables us to work around the clock to get your big projects done in a short period without interrupting workflow.

We provide timely centralized billing and a team of support staff to ensure your project runs smoothly from the initial call to project completion & walk thru. Also, if your company or corporation uses specific colors, our network of vendors can easily match those colors to make sure your facilities are consistent across the country.

Why choose us?

Painting for industries and maintaining it requires professional skills, craftsmanship, experience, highly specialized equipment and special company/contractor. Fortunately, Gygis Alba Painting  have all those required skills, specialization,experiences and resources available at needed time. Other than these:

  • We deliver you our high quality and professional service.

  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

  • Well organized team and working process.

  • We use latest techniques and technologies to protect industrial structures.

  • We use genuine products which do not disturb productivity.

  • A number of happy and satisfied clients.

Our Industrial Painting Services

- Painting of building exteriors & interiors                             

- Warehouse painting

- Industrial Buildings

- Exterior Metal Painting

- Roof Sealing & Painting

- Staining

- Paint Stripping

- Textured Ceilings

- Cold Storage Painting

- Secondary Containments for chemical service

- Epoxy floors for chemical resistance

- Tanks & overhead structures

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