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Aluminum siding painters in Ottawa, Toronto and Greater Vancouver

Refresh & update the look of your aluminum siding.

Gygis Alba Painting saves you on the cost of replacing your aluminum siding

It is worthwhile to invest in the longevity of your aluminium siding?

If you're considering replacing your metal siding, think again!While the original paint on your siding will wear down, chalk, and fade with time, the metal beneath it can last for decades.Vinyl supplanted aluminum siding as the more cheap maintenance-free siding option in the 1980s, and while it has its advantages, it's still worth it to preserve your aluminium siding.


It's time to start painting when you see powder.

The fact that your aluminium siding is powdered or chalked does not imply that it is unclean.
Because to years of UV degradation, the protective resins that hold pigments in place have faded, exposing the pigments and causing them to crumble to powder.
Powdered siding isn't pretty, but if you keep power washing it away, you're essentially sanding down your paint film with water, reducing its protection even further.
Fortunately, Gygis Alba Painting provides all the reinforcement and protection your aluminum siding requires.

Dents? Your aluminium siding can still be painted.

Dents in your aluminium siding do not need its replacement.
Any dents can be readily repaired and smoothed down to make the ideal canvas for painting.
Even if the original paint film has entirely worn away and your siding is bare metal, you're in luck since aluminium is one of those surfaces that paints really well!

What's the cost to paint exterior sidings in Ottawa, Toronto or Greater Vancouver?

The cost of painting the exterior of your home in Ottawa, Toronto or Greater Vancouver varies, but it normally ranges from $3.40 to $4.00 CAD + HST per square foot.

One of the key aspects that influences aluminium siding painting cost is the size of your project.
For this process, we've produced three cost estimates based on three major-sized homes in Ottawa.

• Bungalows 800-1200 Sq. Ft: $3,000 to $5,000 CAD + HST

• Home 1500-2500 Sq. Ft: $5,500 to $9,400 CAD + HST

• Home 2500-3500 Sq. Ft: $9,400- $12,700 CAD + HST

Want to know the exact cost of painting the exterior of your house in Ottawa, Toronto or Greater Vancouver? Contact us now!

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